Here's What Our Clients and Coaches have to Say

Here's what clients and coaches have to say


“I no longer wake up with dread. The gym gives me accountability, and I’ve even saved money since joining due to making better lifestyle choices!”


“It changed my whole mindset on working out, why I was working out, finding my way and why I was previously exercising for all the wrong reasons.”



“I finally see what I’m worth now!”


“My Therapist said ‘You’re like a different person!’”


“Since joining this programme, I know what I can give…both professionally and personally!”


“I now have the confidence to go out on my own, to meet people for coffee, to drive the car. All things I wouldn’t have done before because I had lost all confidence in myself. The MHEC Programme has taught me that I can do whatever I want, I shouldn’t hold back. Life’s for living!”


“Before the MHEC Programme, things were really dark…I became really stuck. Since joining the programme life is much brighter and a lot lighter. I don’t hide away anymore, I’ve found a lot of my confidence again.”


“Something has clicked in my mind, that now it’s my time and I am just rolling with it and I’ve been doing fantastic.”



“Without a doubt I think all health professionals should do this Award. Anyone with an interest in fitness should be looking at doing a qualification like this.”


“I’m doing the Award to raise more awareness around mental health and exercise. The course helped me with my own mental health and I feel like a lot more people should be involved with this mission.”


“The Award has opened up a whole new other stream of people that my gym can help. My facility is leading from the front in putting health back into health and fitness.”


“The Award has allowed my gym to become a safe place for my clients to come in and speak to me about their mental health, and now I’m confident having those conversations. My clients now refer their friends, and it’s doubled my gym’s revenue.”


“I just knew the Award was something I wanted to do! I’ve thought about doing something like this for a while. Your fitness starts with your mental health, and here we are making a change!”


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