The Gym For People Who Don’t Like Gyms And Want To Exercise In A Safe And Supportive Environment


The Gym For People Who Don’t Like Gyms And Want To Exercise In A Safe And Supportive Environment

Originally founded in 2020 by Dan Hancock (The Mental Health PT), the MHEC Gym prides itself on delivering the gym experience you've been searching for...

50% of non-gym goers find the idea of going to the gym scary.
1 in 5 find it very scary.
2 in 5 think they’ll feel stupid in front of others.
2 in 5 feel others are judging their body shape.

In fact, gyms are so intimidating that 18% of the UK’s non-gym-goers would rather stand on top of a skyscraper than go to the gym on their own!

Gym Anxiety Is More Common Than You May Think…

We get it.

Gyms can be a daunting experience.

You feel down about the way you look and feel.

You feel guilty for not doing anything about it.

So, you build up the courage and bravery to buy some gym clothes and sign up for a membership.

You are terrified before going and you probably avoid it a few times, backed up by (totally understandable) reasons such as; “I’ll go tomorrow”, “I’m tired from work anyway”…

You call on that courage once again and eventually make it to the gym doors.

You feel sick to your stomach. Your palms are sweaty and endless negative thoughts are running through your head.

“What if I look stupid?”

“What if everyone is fitter than me?”

“What if everyone is looking at me?”

“I hate the way I look!”

“How the **** does that big machine work anyway!?”

Gym anxiety takes over, and so does the negative self-talk. You feel ashamed for not having the “go hard or go home” mentality that all the fitness professionals seem to showcase so easily.

You return to the car and sit with your thoughts for 5 minutes. Feeling guilty and defeated, you turn on the ignition and begin the car journey home.

In your eyes, this is yet another ‘failed’ attempt at health and happiness. The seemingly never-ending cycle continues…

“I no longer wake up with dread. The gym gives me accountability, and I’ve even saved money since joining due to making better choices!”


We appreciate your gym and exercise anxieties - and this gym has been custom built with you in mind

Which of the following gym predicaments apply to you?

Your current predicament:

In an ideal world:

If any of the above resonates with you, then you’ll love the MHEC Gym.

This is the very first Mental Health & Exercise Coaching Gym in the U.K. and home of the MHEC Programme which hundreds of people all over central Scotland now rave about…

The MHEC Gym is a custom-built training facility

The MHEC Gym is a custom-built training facility that prides itself on accommodating all types of training - from weightlifting to Yoga, circuits to strength training and leading wellness programmes focusing on building a resilient mindset.

You’ll find everything you need inside

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking weight loss, muscle gain or simply general fitness and fun…

Or what stage of life you’re at – from adolescence to menopause and beyond, our values set this gym apart over every other, because we tick all the boxes required for success including:


We give you tools to take control of both your physical and mental wellbeing. Say ‘goodbye’ to confusion, guilt and lethargy, and say ‘hello’ to confidence, courage and greater self-worth!


It’s not easy to reach your desired destination on your own, so you’ll find the support of our in-house coaches there for you if you need it – to assist you in achieving more than you ever thought possible. The Coaches at the MHEC Gym fell in love with exercise because it got them out of a dark place, so you can exercise safe in the knowledge that all of our members of staff ‘get’ you, and have walked the path to health and happiness!

Results Focused

Our endless database of workouts take the guesswork out of training, so you can be confident you’re taking the right steps to achieve the results you desire. No more confusion over what exercise to do, how long to do it for, and what exercise to do next, our step-by-step interactive programming teaches you exactly what workout to do and why you’re doing it! If you want to really ramp things up, you can invest in our industry-transforming MHEC Programme to get a boost in moving from a beginner to an advanced gym-goer!

Team Culture

We know accountability and social support can make a big difference in your results – and encourage an inclusive, supportive and family-friendly community. Everyone member at the MHEC Gym has joined for the same reason as you, meaning you can achieve your goals faster due to learning from one another!

You are no longer a number

We care about supporting you! Gone are the days of gym staff who don’t know your name. At our gym you’ll find dedicated instructors who want to get to know you on an emotional level, and who will hold your success as their number one priority.

At the MHEC Gym, we’ve thought of everything that’s required to ensure you train for success. 


Our supportive environment is designed to assist even the most apprehensive gym novice in gaining certainty and unlocking the champion within.


And don’t worry, with only 4 people allowed in at once, the gym is always kept private and due to its intimate nature – it can be your ‘happy’ place.

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