Award in MHEC secures partnership with the gym group

Crack open the champagne, we’ve done it…

The Award in MHEC is now officially in partnership with The Gym Group!

the gym group logo

18 months in the making…

And time to celebrate!

With over 218 locations, The Gym Group is one of the largest commercial gym chains in the U.K. and has showed their progressive attitude by recognising the importance of their PT’s and Gym Instructors being Mental Health & Exercise trained.

This is another huge step forward when it comes to making exercise and gyms more accessible and transforming an industry from a place of ego and aesthetics to empathy and empowerment.

Thank you to everyone for their support so far.

If you are a trainer at the Gym Group you’ll discover more information on your employee hub, or if you would like to learn more about our Award, check out more details here