Become A Coach Who Helps People Transform Their Mental Health Through Exercise​

Developed over 10 years, perfected through more than 300+ successful coaches, this is the missing piece of the puzzle to your clients’ health and happiness.

This is the World’s first Mental Health & Exercise Coaching Award.

Developed over 10 years, perfected through more than 300+ successful coaches, this is the missing piece of the puzzle to your clients’ health and happiness:

Become A Coach Who Helps People Transform Their Mental Health Through Exercise

The World’s First Mental Health & Exercise Coaching Award

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Get incredible results just like this for your clients.

For Trainers and Coaches Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact on Their Clients’ Lives, Whilst Growing a More Fulfilling Business

1 in 4 people worldwide will be affected by a mental health condition at some point in their lives. Now’s your chance to get the knowledge, confidence, and accredited certification to help more people become healthy (and happy), in body and mind, so you can…

  • Guide clients to the life-changing results they’ve been looking for;
  • Inspire and motivate clients to commit and stick with your programmes;
  • Have more satisfied clients who stick with you for longer;
  • Know that you’re improving (and saving) lives

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Formally Recognised

SCQF Level 7 Scotland
RQF Level 5 England
CQWF Level 4 Wales
(2 Credit Points)


Original Concept Shared in Men’s Health Magazine, the U.K.’s Largest Health Publication

Proven & Perfected

More than 300+ students already enrolled from the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA

Ongoing Support

We’ve got your back – with a year-long learning programme designed to focus on you, your clients, and your business, you’ll love our community of expert tutors and inspirational coaches

Is This the Barrier That Is Holding Your Clients (And Your Business) Back?

Like many personal trainers and fitness coaches, do you enjoy the physical aspects of training clients, but want to know how to go deeper, so you can help them burst through the mental barriers that are holding them back?

Are you struggling to motivate clients to commit and stick to the programmes they need to get the results they really want (and wish you could “help them help themselves” more)?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for your clients, and wish you were better equipped to give them the holistic physical and mental help they need?

Do you want to make a bigger difference to your clients’ lives, but lack the accredited Award, tools, frameworks and professional development you’ve been searching for?

Are you looking for a way to stand out in a crowded market of trainers and coaches, so you can grow your business with more satisfied clients who stick with you for longer?

Learn how to help your current clients, plus 970 million more who are being held back by:

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Eating Disorders

– Stress and Fatigue

– Alcoholism, Drug, Food and Behavioural Addictions

– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

– Low Self-Esteem, Poor Diet, and Body Image Issues

– Body Dysmorphia

– Neurodiversity


How We Empower You to Help Your Clients Achieve the Physical and Mental Breakthroughs They’re Looking For

Over the past few years we have taught more than 300+ fitness trainers and coaches how to help clients get the life-changing results they really want.

Unlike other Qualifications that focus purely on the physical aspects of fitness (weight loss, muscle gain, cardio endurance etc.), we also address the growing mental challenges that are really holding people back. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, this is more important than ever because:

  • 1 in 4 adults experience mental health issues each year;
  • 1 in 3 young people experience mental health issues each year;
  • 90% of Personal Trainers leave the fitness industry within their first year;
  • Two of the most common mental health conditions, depression and anxiety, cost the global economy $1 trillion each year (despite this, the global health expenditure from world governments dedicated to mental health is less than 2%);
  • 70-75% of people with diagnosable mental illness receive no treatment at all;
  • Only 7% of Europeans, 13% of Brits and 28% of Americans exercise regularly.

During these times of anxiety and stress, many personal trainers and sports coaches have realised, in order to achieve the best results for their clients (and their own business) – exercise and fitness is really just the tip of the iceberg. We must also learn how to care for our clients’ mental wellbeing.

While other books and courses offer some generic information, this is the world’s first comprehensive Mental Health and Exercise Coaching Certification – officially recognised by major accreditation bodies internationally. 

Unlike other fitness qualifications that only focus on physical health, the MHEC Award teaches coaches how to help clients achieve a holistic result across all health markers:

MHEC Coaches Are Trained to Focus on All Dimensions of Health

If you only scored 14% on a test, you probably wouldn’t be happy, would you?

The fitness industry currently only teaches Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors how to focus on one aspect of a client’s health – the physical – which is one out of seven health markers (or in other words, 14%).

On the Award in MHEC, we teach you how to improve all seven health dimensions, meaning your clients get a 100% holistic result across all of the health markers they need to improve.

What Makes The MHEC Award Different to Other Course Providers?

Other Course Providers:

❌ Tick-box course with no aftercare

❌ Intensive learning period crammed into a short space of time

❌ Assessed on all of the learning materials

❌ Assessed on multiple occasions throughout the year

❌ Mainly taught theory without the practical implementation

❌ Confusing exams that try to catch you out

❌ Limit on exam attempts with different questions each time

❌ Boring webinars with minimal engagement

❌ Strict teachers with low relatability

❌ Minimal support out-with classes

❌ Outdated education in need of a refresh

❌ Lonely journey of self-learning from books 

❌ Must complete the course before you can start practicing

❌ Annual fees and courses so that you can maintain your license

The Award in MHEC:

✅ Immersive course with lifetime support network

✅ Only 1-2 hours of learning per week, spread out over 12 months

✅ Only assessed on compulsory elements

✅ Only assessed once, no unnecessary exams 

✅ Big focus on both theory and practical integration

✅ One 2-hour online assessment with an 84% first time pass rate

✅ No limit on exam resits, questions remain the same

✅ Interactive webinars packed with discussion

✅ Fun, progressive, trailblazing tutors who’ve been in your position

✅ Access to support calls all throughout the year

✅ The latest groundbreaking research and studies

✅ Learn through conversation with fellow candidates

✅ Can start practicing as a Trainee MHEC Coach immediately

✅ No annual fees or compulsory refreshers upon becoming Certified

How Our Graduates (and Their Clients) Are Achieving Breakthrough Success

The Mental Health and Exercise Coaching Award is based on our research backed and highly respected ‘MHEC Theory. It’s the ONLY process that shows you step-by-step how to effectively coach clients to overcome emotional and psychological challenges (so they reach their true potential in health and happiness).

In order to become Certified, all we need you to do is attend 4 compulsory virtual training days (2 Assessment Days and 2 Refresher Days) and dedicate 1-2 hours per week to the rest of your virtual learning modules.

Unlike other courses that are 2-day, tick box Qualifications, we have created a year-long support programme so that we can help you with the practical integration – which is the most important part!

You are only assessed once (midway through the year, after your Assessment Days) and due to the Safeguarding learning materials we provide you with in your first couple of weeks, you are allowed to start practicing as a Trainee MHEC Coach straight away!

Immediately upon joining the Award, you’ll join a team of 300+ MHEC Coaches who are dedicating their lives to creating positive change within the fitness industry.

Let’s take a look at what your 12-month journey to becoming a Certified MHEC Coach looks like:

Months 1-3

Introduction to mhec

The first part of your MHEC journey is designed to allow you to start helping your clients immediately, as mental health interventions are time sensitive and we don’t want anyone having to wait any longer for emotional support. In order for you to do this, we’ll provide you with safeguarding training on ‘When to Refer’, ‘Boundaries and Attachment’, ‘the Art of Communication’ and introduce you to some business elements such as ‘How to Sell’ your MHEC service so you can advertise your services and enrol brand new clients straight away!

Toward the end of first 3 months you’ll also be introduced to the concept of ‘Informal Exercise Therapy™’.

As an MHEC Coach, you’ll be trained up in Informal Exercise Therapy (IET), a concept totally unique to the Award in MHEC that cannot be taught anywhere else in the world!

IET is the process of helping your clients open up about their thoughts, feeling and emotions during or directly after exercise, allowing you to have earlier interventions and transform lives!

Months 4-6


Now that you’ve started having earlier interventions with your clients regarding their mental health, how do you process what they say to identify the core of their challenges? How do you determine exactly what it is they’re struggling with? How do you gather this information, and how can you start to programme based on their specific needs? At this point you’ll be taught ‘Finally Understanding Addiction’, ‘ADHD: Nature v Nurture’, ‘Emotional Eating’, ‘Understanding the Effects of Trauma’, ‘Body Image’, ‘Anxiety’, and ‘How to Sleep’ (just to name a few modules!)

During this period you will also attend your 2x Virtual Assessment Days, and be trained up on the following Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1 – Be able to explain what mental health is, discuss its characteristics and analyse its role in society.

Learning Outcome 2 – Use knowledge and skills to identify potentially vulnerable individuals, interpret who or who may not need additional Mental Health & Exercise Coaching, and begin to form a unique understanding of this individual in order to create programming based on their subjective needs.

Learning Outcome 3 – Explain the links between exercise and mental health, discuss the role of hormones in the body, identify the MHEC By-Products of Exercise™, and compose a case study of a time in which exercise has positively changed someone’s life.

Learning Outcome 4 – Be able to explain how to use exercise to promote positive mental health and why as coaches we should do so.

Learning Outcome 5 – Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the client journey and create a 6-week training programme based on a unique individual.

Learning Outcome 6 – Be able to teach correct values, understand the MHEC Theory™ and appropriately practice Informal Exercise Therapy™.

Learning Outcome 7 – Be able to coach character building, mindset training and independence with unique individuals.

Learning Outcome 8 – Be able to implement all of the course learning and practically and safely coach individuals with poor mental health and mental health conditions.

Months 7-9


90% of Personal Trainers leave the fitness industry every year, with that number staying between 70-80% every year thereafter. We’ve been in this game a long time, and we know the reason why most coaching businesses fail is because the coaches aren’t supported emotionally. The crippling stresses of running a business, the financial worries of being self-employed, the comparison to other ‘more successful’ coaches, accompanied by the constant demand from clients, means that many coaches end up pouring from an empty cup. In turn, their own self-worth and confidence drops. But the harsh reality is this: If you don’t have confidence in yourself, why should anyone put their confidence in you?

We pride ourselves on the emotional and practical support we provide for our coaches, and we deliver trainings from Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners, Counsellors, Therapists and an array of other health professionals. Here you’ll learn all about ‘Regulating Your Nervous System for Anxiety & Stress’, ‘Building Confidence & Authority’, ‘Becoming Friends with Fear & Failure’, ‘How to be a Better Coach’ and ‘Burnout to Balanced’, so that you can become a thriving entrepreneur and business leader who’s own personal standards and longevity come first!

Months 10-12


Another main reason fitness businesses fail is because most PT’s haven’t actually received proper training on how to run their business. As a coach you have to wear many hats: Sales, Marketing, Social Media Management, Financial Planning, Videography & Content Creation, Growing a Team, Business Operations and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. When your livelihood revolves around having expert knowledge of these areas, it doesn’t make sense for you to be winging it and hoping to scrape your way to payday at the end of each month.

As a one-stop-shop, we don’t just provide mental health support for both you and your clients – we also teach you how to package your service up into the perfect fitness product for those looking to improve their health. With MHEC now being your USP (Unique Selling Point), we’ll grant you exclusive access to business-transforming trainings on ‘Investing in Yourself & Your Business’, ‘Business Strategy’, ‘Copywriting’, ‘Measuring Business Performance’, ‘How to Build an Online Programme’, ‘How to Create More Leads’, and ‘How to Build a Successful Online Programme’.

MHEC is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Your Fitness Business - But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

"Without a doubt I think all health professionals should be looking at doing this qualification."

Danny Williams

"I'm doing this award to raise more awareness around mental health - and as a bonus, it's helped me with my own mental health."

Mac Griffiths

"I've learned how to appropriately and comfortably dig deeper into people's struggles as to why they maybe aren't getting the results that they need."

Megan Hay

"I've never been a part of such a supportive community where you can ask questions no matter how small or stupid they might feel. Instantly getting support from the team and being surrounded by so many like-minded coaches is just priceless."

Sian Golding

According to a Recent Poll of 202 Participants...

When reaching out to a Personal Trainer, 93% of people would rather sign up with a coach who had a Mental Health & Exercise Coaching Certification that one who didn’t.

Based on this evidence, it’ll cost you more to NOT become MHEC Certified, due to:

❌ Less clients signing up to you

❌ Clients not feeling as supported

❌ Clients cancelling sessions and leaving your programme prematurely

❌ Less client referrals to friends and family

❌ Greater stress on yourself and the business

Wasted time, energy and resources trying to guess the answers on your own

Instead, due to investing in the MHEC Award, we’ll be able to:

 Help you find and sign up more clients

 Support your clients in a deeper way

 Prevent clients cancelling sessions, allowing them to stay on your programme for longer

 More referrals to friends and family

 Minimal stress and greater confidence

 Saved time, energy and resources as you now have all the tools you need

Our Goal is Simple...

Who Is This Award Training For?

– Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

– Gym Owners

– Sports Coaches

– Mental Health Professionals

– School Teachers

– Anyone who is looking to start a new career as an MHEC Coach or transition into the fitness industry

Make a Bigger Impact on Your Clients’ Lives, While Growing a More Fulfilling Business

Now you know the shocking impact negative mental health is having all over the world. You’ve seen how the Mental Health and Exercise Coaching Award can equip you to help millions of current and potential clients experience life-changing breakthroughs. And you’ve heard from graduates who are already getting incredible results (for their clients and their businesses).

Isn’t it time to get the knowledge, confidence, and formal certification so you can help too? Don’t miss the greatest opportunity in the past decade for trainers and coaches to do more, and be more.

Award Price

Includes all learner fees, 150+ learner videos, all materials and access to year-long tuition


£ 1997

Payment plans available. Please fill out the form below or attend a free information webinar to discover our payment plan options.

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