Personal Trainers & Gym Instructors

This will also allow PT’s and Instructors to help a whole new demographic of individuals who are currently too anxious or scared to exercise/go to the gym.

A third of the U.K. and Ireland’s population suffer from poor mental health. Exercise is the best tool to promote positive mental health yet in a recent study only 4% of personal trainers said they would feel comfortable offering mental health advice.

90% of personal trainers leave the fitness industry within their first year. We at MHEC fully believe that this is because despite knowing the human body and the gym inside out, personal trainers fail to develop an understanding of a crucial part of the process – the client’s mind, their way of thinking and whether they are in fact struggling mentally.

Gyms can be an extremely intimidating place for the average gym goer, so it is no surprise that 37% of the U.K. population do not exercise. If someone suffers from general anxiety disorder, depression or body dysmorphia, this makes the chances of them taking part in exercise become less and less.

As a personal trainer you will be wanting to help as many of your clients as possible and get the best results –

1. In order to transform their lives and improve their health

2. In order for you to have a greater impact on your community and further afar.

Educating yourself on a client’s mental health is a key part of this process. This award will allow you to:

  • Approach clients and openly discuss mental health
  • Informally assess a client’s mental health to support them best
  • Boost their belief and confidence
  • Keep them motivated so they can achieve their goals

If 1 in 3 of your potential clients are struggling mentally, there is a very high likelihood that they have chosen exercise as their own personal form of therapy. It is therefore your duty as a coach to be trained to the highest standard in offering them the support and service necessary in order for them to use exercise to promote positive mental health.

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Bridge the gap between mental health support and exercise and discover exactly what you must know in order to approach clients, boost their belief and confidence, informally assess and keep them motivated so they achieve their goals.
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Sports Coaches

In order to make sport a safer and more inclusive environment, handle injuries and performance anxiety more effectively, and get the most out of their athletes. This award is also suitable for sports players.

Mental Health Professionals

Counsellors, therapists and psychologists would be recommended to undertake this course in order to provide greater exercise advice to clients rather than referring them elsewhere.

Schools / Colleges

Teachers may undertake the qualification for their own personal development and in order to offer support to students. Students can take the qualification in order to gain extra credits for college/university.