The First Method of its Kind Transforming the Fitness Industry by using Exercise as a tool to Promote Positive Mental Health.


The First Method of its Kind Transforming the Fitness Industry by using Exercise as a tool to Promote Positive Mental Health.

Expansive research has found exercise to be 1.5 times more effective at treating depression, stress and anxiety than medication or therapy. Yet only 7% of Europeans, 13% of Brits, 28% of Americans and 45% of Australians exercise regularly. To us this suggests that there are many hidden barriers to exercise, exercise provision isn’t up to standard, and opinions of exercise need to change.

MHEC Limited is a Fitness Education Provider, that specialises in teaching people how to transform their mental health through exercise.

With products ranging from the World’s first Mental Health & Exercise Coaching Certification, PT Qualifications, virtual fitness programmes, an in-person gym, and community based events at the workplace and in schools, MHEC education is guaranteed to lead to earlier mental health interventions, greater exercise participation, and healthier and happier lives within our communities.

The MHEC Programme

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The MHEC Gym

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The MHEC Academy​

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MHEC is an evidence backed process that helps people revitalise their mental health through exercise.

We specialise in teaching fitness professionals and their clients how to use exercise to regulate their emotions, stresses and anxiety, have earlier mental health interventions, and use exercise as a tool to promote positive mental health.

At MHEC we use exercise as a vehicle to transform our physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and environmental health – as opposed to conventional fitness programmes that typically centre around physical health and body image.

We proudly go against what has been taught by the fitness industry for decades (unachievable body fat goals and strict weight loss targets) and have created a progressive solution for people to finally fall in love with exercise, and apply this new-found confidence to every day life.

Rather than just exercising to look good, we help people exercise to feel good.

We no longer want exercise to simply be a means to an end, or a punishment we inflict on ourselves to shed some calories. We want exercise to feel more natural, and become a purposeful activity that empowers us to fulfil our true potential. MHEC is all about the journey, rather than the destination.

MHEC is open to everyone: if you are a member of the general public, you can transform your mental health from anywhere in the world on the MHEC Programme; if you are based in Stirling, Scotland, you can exercise in private at our MHEC Gym; or if you want to support others, you can adopt all of our methodology and be trained up to become an internationally recognised Certified Mental Health & Exercise Coach, Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer.

If you are a large organisation, small business or authority, you can also hire us for educational talks, workshops, or longer-term workplace employee wellness initiatives.

True happiness, confidence, purpose and freedom can be found when we detach our worth from the way we look, and instead turn our focus to what we can do.

Dan Hancock

MHEC Founder

“You are reshaping the way we view exercise and how Personal Trainers coach. It’s amazing what you are doing.”

– Dr Alex, Mental Health Ambassador for the U.K. Government.

“MHEC is a game changer and a life changer, I’ll forever be grateful”

– Jenna, recipient of Mental Health & Exercise Coaching

“We are excited to partner with the Award in MHEC in order to support our teams with the important discussions around mental health awareness. Personal Trainers have a unique impact on the lives of their clients and as such need to be adequately prepared for the challenges they may face with regards to peoples mental wellbeing. MHEC is an ideal partner for this support and this ongoing education of our team is of paramount importance to us here at The Gym Group.”

Scott Donnelly

The Gym Group, Regional Manager